My Feelings on Martha Stewart Recipes

I ALWAYS use Martha Stewart’s cupcake recipes as my basis for any cupcake.  They’re always good.

But here’s the thing.

If Martha says, pour the vanilla into the milk, then you pour that vanilla into that milk and you don’t say nothin’ about it.  If she says, whip the egg whites before folding them in, then there’s no “I don’t feel like whipping the egg whites.”  You put on your prettiest apron, get out the beaters and you whip those egg whites like it ain’t no thing!  And most importantly, if she says “room temperature,” that does not mean microwave to room temperature.  That means if you’ve just pulled the butter out of the fridge, then you also need to pull up a comfy chair and grab a book, because you are going to be sitting there for a while.

Martha Stewart is a convicted felon.  You do not mess with an ex-con.  BTW, can you imagine the shanks she could have made on the inside?  She probably made a whole damn flatware set.  She’s amazing.


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