Stopping for gas…

We were all in the car today, and pulled into a gas station.  Before Chris got out, he took a moment to drop a bomb.  He farted, in case you don’t know what “drop a bomb” means.  Anyhow, he got out and closed the door, then this conversation happened.

RUBY:  Mom!  Dad got out of the car but he left his fart in here!

ME:  I am VERY aware of that.

RUBY:  Mom, is Ben still sleeping?

ME:  No, he’s awake now.

RUBY:  He probably woke up because he got scared when he smelled Dad’s fart because he thought there was a monster in here.

I’m sure that Chris would like me to take this time to add that he rarely farts.  But I won’t…because he does fart…quite frequently.


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