Is it just me…

…or does Zooey Deschanel remind anyone else of Adam Sandler in drag trying to be cute?  I know it’s weird, but every time I see her face, or hear her voice (which is ALL THE TIME) all I hear is, “Stop looking at me swan.”

I’m sorry.  I’ve just had a little too much Zooey.  It’s time to change des-chanel.  (Heh?  Get it?  Like change the channel?)  She’s just over saturating the market with her little pixie face and perfect hair and sickeningly-sweet-baby-kissing-puppies-level-cuteness.

Plus, Chris just downloaded the Winnie the Pooh soundtrack for the kids, so between that, Elf and this movie that was EVERYWHERE over Christmas, I’m just a little over it.

That’s all.  Now I feel much better.



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