Okay, okay…

So despite my last post where I said that this was a faux-holiday, we had a pretty awesome Valentine’s Day at the Banks’ house.  Due to a series of great events, I had possibly the best Valentine’s Day this cynical, old crabby-pants has ever had.

Great Event I

First off, I stayed in my pajamas until 4:00 and I only got dressed because we were going out for dinner.  So that alone makes for a great day.

Great Event II

This happened:

Ben pulled himself up to stand at the toy box.  The look on his face tells you how many times this has happened in such an awesome place before.  Usually all he finds is a remote or a sippy cup when he finally works his way to standing.  Go buddy!!

Great Event III

We discovered that we left a garbage bag out on the deck last night.  The good news?  Our raccoon friends have the same discerning taste as we humans.  Thanks for the props, Rocky!

And before you ask, NO we did not throw out one of our beloved red velvet cupcakes.  He just wanted to lick the wrapper.  I don’t blame him.

Great Event IV

I discovered the fish-eye effect on my camera.  Uh, how this had not happened before is beyond me, but needless to say, it took up a good hour of my time today…and I laughed off a few valentines calories.  Here are some of my faves:

Yeah…like I said.

Great Event V

I revised the valentine cookies I made the other day, as a gift for Chris.  They’re WAY better.  And by “better” I actually mean, “worse for you and any hope you had of keeping your fat content to any kind of reasonable limit today.”

Oh yes I di-id!  I dipped them in chocolate AND sprinkled them.  Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU Mr. Banks.

Great Event VI

Chris bought me flowers.


Great Event VII

I came up with a great valentine gift for my little valentines.  Why is it so great you ask?  Because I made it for them, but it’s actually for me.  Like any good gift, it just keeps on giving (to me).

Anyway…let me begin by saying that EVERY painting, drawing and craft that the girls make is my favourite, but eventually one can end up with a million pieces of priceless artwork.  One of my pet peeves is having this mess all over the fridge, comprised of so many pictures that you can’t see any of them.  I say that is one of my pet peeves, because the pet peeve to top them all, is when other moms say “I just keep all of their drawings in a file, then I go through and pick my favourites, then dispose of the other ones later on.”  (If you are a friend of mine who has said this to me, then I absolutely did NOT say that in a I’m-a-mom-and-I-know-everything-about-moming voice).

You know what?  I file them too.  But my filing cabinet is a fridge, and everything get’s filed under “M” for “magnet.”  Oh yeah, let me just take a minute to file it in my file cabinet, right behind my giant pile of money and my personal maid.  File it.  Sheesh.

Sorry, I got away from myself for a minute there.  Anyway, I thought that this might make an easy way for the kids to pick their favourite picture to display.  Then we can keep the rest in behind the first.  Here’s what I’m talking about:

They’re magnetic frames.  Yay for clean fridges!

Great Event VIII

Ben went to sleep BY HIMSELF!!  This is the first time, in the 347 days he has graced this earth with his adorable presence, that I have not had to convince, coerce or comminate him to slumber.  Sure he cried for a few minutes, but he did it.  That’s 2 points for Ben today!

Great Event IX

After everyone was tucked away in bed, Chris broke out the big guns.  Check this out!

I was totally enjoying it, but he was just sitting there looking at me like a doggy at the table.  With my mouth crammed full of chocolate covered raspberries I was like, “What?  I said thanks, it’s delicious.”  It wasn’t until I finished the second glass of wine and the entire fondue, that I realized he was hoping I’d share.  Men.

(Disclaimer:  I did let him have some, and only slapped his wrist once.)  Thanks, Chris!

Great Event X

I learned to count in Roman numerals.  You can teach an old dog new tricks.  This is where Emma would say, “You not a dog.  You mommy.”  You can’t get anything by that kid.

So all in all, I’d say it was a pretty awesome day.  The ONLY bad thing was that we went out for dinner with the kids, and I knew I’d probably be eating some chocolatey deliciousness later, so I thought I’d go light and order a stir fry.  When I got home, I looked it up on the computer only to find that it was 1200 calories!  For one bowl of something I could have made myself.  You want a tip, waiter?  Here’s a tip.  How about when someone says politely, “Oh, I’ll just have the stir fry,” you say, “Of course, but I should warn you that unless your goal is to become the first known human-whale, then I would recommend you steer toward the salads.”  Just a tip, for next time.

Anyway, it was a good day.  I hope yours’ was too.



7 thoughts on “Okay, okay…

  1. AAAAwesome…And by the way, I am SO glad you are blogging. You are TRE excellent at it Lora – as I expected (I TOLD YOU SO!)… Hey, when you are a famous mommy-foodie-comedy blogger will you still chat with me?

  2. I just read this. I have a hard time finding everything on here. Anyway, very entertaining. I like the fridge magnet idea. I might steal that one from you. Sounds like you had a good day 🙂

  3. *is jealous of the magnets* how, how, HOW are they possible? My fridge is a cluster-f of beautiful pictures, and although I DO file them, it’s impossible to keep them on the fridge because Kira loves to pull them off. And leave them on the floor. And crumple or rip them. Then Ally cries because they’re crumpled or ripped and *gasp* I need a drink.

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