Car trouble…

Ruby and Emma have been playing a new game where they pretend they are their aunt and uncle, Christa and Shane.  The game usually involves a car and driving to the mall to buy a backpack.

Today they were having trouble getting the game going, Emma was a little distracted and Ruby was getting frustrated so I decided to step in and lend a hand.  Ruby is in the “car” (our living room ottoman with a cape wrapped around her as a “seat-bewt”) and Emma’s holding a toy phone.  This scene unfolded:

ME:  Christa, why don’t you call Shane and see if he’ll come pick you up.

EMMA (CHRISTA):  Okay, ring, ring.  Hi Shane.

RUBY (SHANE):  Hi Christa, I’ll come pick you up now okay?

EMMA (CHRISTA):  No, I too big.

RUBY (SHANE):  Uuuugh!  Emma, you should just say yes!

ME:  Shane will come and pick you up in the car, not pick up your body.


They get in the car.  A few minutes later another fight erupts and Ruby is frustrated again and starts crying.

EMMA (on the phone):  Ring, ring.  (She covers the mouthpiece and looks at me and whispers “It’s Ruby.”)  Hi Ruby?  Stop crying.

RUBY (from the other room):  Uuuuuugh!

This is a picture I took yesterday of their secondary mode of transportation, a “bus” made from two kitchen chairs.  Shane is driving and Christa is the diva in the back seat.  You can tell she’s a diva by her keen fashion sense, and fashion-over-function eye-wear selection.

DISCLAIMER:  Just for the record, Christa and Shane do not fight this much.  And I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure they don’t go backpack shopping this often either.


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