Where you been, Lora?

So, since I know you all wait with baited breath for every single post I write (or at least that’s what you let me believe while you’re telling everyone you know that you really only even glance at this blog as a favour to me so that I’ll keep making you cookies) I’m sure you noticed I stopped writing.  Or maybe, you reconnected with your faith in God, because he finally answered your prayer asking for a cessation in my mundane updates.  Either way, I know you’ve probably been wondering why I suddenly lost the urge to tell everyone, every single detail about my life.

Well here’s the reason:

My sister, Christa, or ahem, Anutie Tweesta, came to visit all the way from Vancouver!

It was awesome.  I love her.  That is all.


4 thoughts on “Where you been, Lora?

  1. For the record, Ruby is NOT making that face because i smell. it was because i told a really funny joke and she started laughing really hard and accidentally sucked in some dust when inhaling and then sneezed. Clearly, Emma is still laughing from the joke.

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