This morning I told Ruby that she wasn’t allowed to colour on the outside of a shoebox, because the marker never sticks and it gets all over her hands, clothes and everything it comes into contact with.  I’m OBVIOUSLY not feeling any need to defend my choices, right?  Anyway, once she heard the news, she decided to do this…

She threw herself to the ground and said, “Fine, I guess I’m just going to die then.”

This just in:  The cure to death by heartbreak due to the denial of marker usage is to remind the victim that dead people get buried.  She suddenly sprang back to life!  I’m glad I didn’t run for the defibrillator.

Also, my kitchen floor is NOT dirty, it’s your computer screen.  Really, you’re an adult.  You should be embarrassed.


3 thoughts on “Dramarama

  1. As a parent, are you less annoyed when I child pulls this stunt in skinny jeans, rather than jogging pants? She looks darn cute in those jeans. Thanks for writing a blog. We missed you.

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