Feel Well Card…

The other day I had a cold, and I was laying on the couch in the living room.  Ruby was in the kitchen making me a “feel well card” and I overheard this conversation she had with Chris.

RUBY:  What should I draw for mom?

CHRIS:  How about a picture of mom doing jumping jacks?

RUBY:  No  dad.  That’s too silly.

CHRIS:  How about a picture of mom riding a unicorn?

RUBY:  Yeah ok!

Here’s the very not-silly card I got.

Wish you had one?  Don’t hate…procreate.



4 thoughts on “Feel Well Card…

  1. The Lawrance sisters and I were talking about how funny you are. Lots of agreement and love for Lora abounded.
    Then Erika asked Andrea if she felt threatened by your funniness.
    Andrea admitted that she did (quickly and with emphatic nodding).
    That made me laugh.

    1. Haha. Thanks! But I have to say, Andrea has a PHD in hahalogy. She’s hilarious! So are you. You and the Lawrence’s should start your own blog! I’d read it.

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