Our Easter Shinanigans

I’ll sum up my feelings on this Easter in two words.  It’s over.  (Well, “it’s” is actually two words in one, but who’s counting?  Oh you are.  Thanks.  Thanks for all the support.  ANYway, if you’re done criticizing me now, then maybe I’ll get on with my post?  Yeah, thanks.)

Really, it’s all just a big, sugary blur.  My in-laws came for a visit, so of course I felt obliged to break out the big culinary chops.  Not that anyone expected anything of me at all.  I just like to place unrealistic expectations on myself.  It makes me feel like a kid again.  Haha…I’m kidding, mom.

Anyway, I decided that for the second time in my life, I would make cinnamon buns.  The first and last time I made these delectable, devil-buns was a few Easter’s ago, and I guess the torment of it all has faded with time.   You make the dough, it rises, you punch the air out, it rises again, you punch the air out, it rises again, you roll it out, roll it up and cut it into buns, they rise AGAIN, then you bake them.  I can see now why they remind me of Easter so much, what with all this “rising again” business.

This time however, I made a small change to the recipe.  I added a pinch of BREAD MACHINE!  Let’s just say it was a little easier this time around.

So get this:  You line a 9X13″ pan with caramel and walnuts, then put the buns in and bake them.  They come out of the oven like this.

They already look delicious right?  But then, you dump them out of the pan and you get this.

Oh for goodness sake, you’re drooling.  Use your sleeve.  Anyway, then you put the kids down for a nap, pour a nice cup of coffee,  pull one of those babies off, and have a little face time with the real Easter Bun-ny.  Yeah, you’re right, that was a terrible pun-ny.

Mmm-hmm.  Don’t really care dough.


So then I decided that for dessert on Easter I’d make some cupcakes.  And I have to say, they turned out pretty neat.  I was like, “I ain’t makin’ no Easter Bunny cupcakes!  That Easter Bunny is played OUT.”  I had to come up with something Easter-ish, but not too in-your-face.  So I made these.

They’re little nests.  So cute.  And you see that little mound poking up over the edge of the table between the chairs?  It’s this guy trying to get a preview before dessert:


He’s totally reaching up with a straw, trying to snag some icing, then licking it!  Little bugger!  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud.

Otherwise, we had the usual fun Easter times.  Our day started with bunny-faced suckers for the girls…

…and chocolate for Ben…

…all before 7:00AM.  The day ended with me in bed by 8:30PM.  The sign of a truly, blessed day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, Passover or day off, whatever it was to you.  Take care, brush your hair.



4 thoughts on “Our Easter Shinanigans

  1. You’re ridonkulous. Those cupcakes are too cute and cinnamon buns… really? Where on earth do you find the time??

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