Christa and Jenny go Shopping

Let me preface this post by saying that it is pretty much for family only.  I would not be so arrogant as to think that everyone and their mom wants to hear about every little detail of our lives…and with that said, this one will be interesting to a very specific circle of people.

So, on with the post!

In case you haven’t guessed already, craft time is a regular time around this house.  The other day, for craft time, we decided to make puppets.  The only stipulation was that they have “googly eyes” and “crazy hair.”  Here’s what we came up with.

Come to think of it, the puppets aren’t the only things with googly eyes and crazy hair in that picture.

Now, when you make puppets, it pretty much goes without saying that you have to do a puppet show.  And as always, the subject of our puppet show includes shopping and relatives.  It was initially going to be “The Story of Christa and Shane” (my dear sister and brother-in-law) but such restrictions are thrown to the wind when creating this level of art.  Instead, the story became “Untitled, a tale of Christa and Jenny and the Fine Art of Shopping.” Here’s the riveting tale that unfolded in this improvisational piece.  (I’ve transcribed it below, since your average joe couldn’t catch it all.)

Me: Okay, this is the story of Christa and Shane.

Ruby: Once upon a time there was a Jenny and Christa

Emma:  There was a foot!

Ruby: Was it Jenny and Christa?  And they said, Christa said, “Let’s go shopping!  Let’s go shopping!”

Emma: Okay, I’m the foot!

Ruby: Then they all go shopping.

Emma: Look, there’s the foot, mom!

Ruby:  Then they all go’d and go’d and go’d and go’d and go’d and go’d and go’d.  (“Go’d” is the past tense of go.)

Me:  Here.  Why don’t you buy that phone?

Ruby: What?

Me: Why don’t you buy the phone?

Ruby: Let’s buy this phone.  (Putting the phone to Christa’s ear) Hello?  Hi.  I love you.  Bye bye!

Emma:  I love you too.

Ruby: Okay, good bye.

Emma: (Taking the phone) Hello.

Ruby:  And there was a long drive to the store, and then, they all lived happily ever after the end.  How about that story?  Was that kind of long?

Me:  That was a good one.  Is that the end of it?

Ruby: Yeah.

Me:  Who’s on the phone there, Em?

Emma: Christa.

Me: Oh, okay.

Ruby: Hello!

Emma: Hi. No, let me talk!  Hello.

Ruby:  Can I listen to it? (To the movie).

Me: Okay, you better say bye now.

Emma: Bye now.

See what I mean?  Boring to more or less EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, but I know it will be the day’s highlight for a handful of very important people…so SUCK IT UP!

Thanks for humouring me,



3 thoughts on “Christa and Jenny go Shopping

  1. Too much!! They are way to awesome. You should just get them to call me for real. I made out 90% of that conversation without your help! Thank you. I hurt.

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