Emma Bugging Ruby

This afternoon Ruby and Emma were chasing butterflies, when Emma got freaked out by an ant.  Then this happened:

EMMA:  Aaaah!  An ant!  An ant!

RUBY:  (Inspects the ant, stands up and proudly says) I am a friend to all insects.

EMMA:  I’m not a bug’s friend.

RUBY:  Unless I don’t know them, then I have to ask the owner if I can pet them.

EMMA:  I don’t want to pet a bug!

RUBY:  Emma, ugggh, you only pet bugs that we know.

EMMA:  Oh, I don’t like bugs.


Of course I couldn’t take a picture, so as evidence of Emma’s feelings regarding insects, I’ll provide exhibit A, a photo taken about a month ago.

She is fascinated by the bugs, but carries a weapon, just in case.



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