Bath Time Negotiations

RUBY: Mom? Can I bring this toy in the bathtub tonight?

ME:  Sure, if you give me one hundred dollars.

RUBY: One hug and one dollar?  (She hugs me).

ME:  You still owe me a dollar.

EMMA:  One hug and the GARBAGE?

ME:  What?!?

EMMA:  Garbage…yeaaaaaah!

What can I say.  They drive a hard bargain.


5 thoughts on “Bath Time Negotiations

  1. Garbage…yeaaaaaah!
    Hahaha, good old WordPress sending me in the right direction for funny blogs. How shocked would you have been if she managed to give you one hundred dollars though?

      1. Momgers? Blommies?

        I refer to this as my ‘mommy-blog’ to my childless friends. I think that the best part is connecting with other people who know that raising children can be more mentally exhausting than physically!

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