One of Ben’s favourite pastimes is pulling all of my Tupperware out of the cupboard, then throwing it around the kitchen.  Immersed in his mess-making activity, he didn’t notice a small addition to the cupboard, but found it upon his return for more supplies.

And now, a photo essay.

The Fickle Feelings of a Trouble Maker

by Lora Banks




If adults learned to forgive this quickly, we’d be a lot better off.  With that said, if the worst thing that ever happened in the world was that someone surprised you by hiding in the Tupperware cupboard, we’d also be a lot better off.



2 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. My girls play ‘hide and seek’ in the cupboard. Instead of tupperware, I gave them an entire cupboard for their dishes; but you should see them! One will get in and close the door while the other counts and then “finds” them, and then they’ll switch. No mystery. No rules. Just turn-taking and yelling “Foundjoo!”

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