God? Bless the kindergarten teachers…

Why don’t we hear of more kindergarten teachers gone mad?  Seriously.  Like at the very least I should have seen a headline by now of some crazed woman, taking all of her kids lunches and burning them in the middle of the classroom.  Or using the craft paint to paint her face like a warrior and running through the school hallways chanting, “Me hate kids.  Me hate kids.”

I should probably start at the beginning of this thought process before hitting you with the punchline.  Or was that just me showing off my journalistic chops?  You’ll never know, meager audience.  Muwahahaha!  I’m sorry, I just watched Megamind with the family.  I’m in a super villain sort of mood.  I love you guys…don’t hate me?


When we think of those lovely ladies who sent us off on our scholastic careers, we picture these sweet, patient saints, that never had any other ambition in their lives than to cater solely to me, or you, and our childhood fun and innocence.  At least, that’s what I think of when I picture Mrs. Senyshyn.  She was kind, beautiful and just plain amazing.

And why would we think any differently, really?  Their only job is to supervise some kids and do crafts all day, right?  As a job description, that all sounded fine and dandy as far as I was concerned.

Then these happened.

I remember doing this exact same craft with my kindergarten teacher.  She just watched patiently over my shoulder as I made a total mess out of my egg carton and painted it until it had absolutely no structure left.  But still, she took those cartons, sewed them together like a champ, and made them into this beautiful little creature.  Then she did it, like twenty more times.

This craft, while simple and fairly quick…encapsulated 25 of the most irritating minutes of my life!  I was literally sweating by the end of it…partially from the pain-in-the-butt-ness of it all, but mostly from the fighting-the-urge-to-scream-and-letting-this-be-fun-ness factor.  (You know what I’m talking about coffeepoweredmom!)

Anyway, I powered through, we finished them, and here is the look of joy and gratitude I received for doing so.

Your enthusiasm, dear Emma, if charted, would require an expanded negative area.

When I asked her to elaborate on her feelings she gave me this face:

Salt in the wound.

Anyway, that was about when I had the picture in my mind, of a kindergarten teacher going nuts…like I wanted to…and nearly did.

The caterpillars ended up being a hit, and have been played with here and there for a few days now, so I suppose they were worth it.  But man, it was tough.

So with that said, dear Mrs. Senyshyn, wherever you are, thank you, thank you and thank you.  And to all kindergarten teachers out there.  We (your students) think you’re amazing, because you are amazing.  We think you’re beautiful, because you are beautiful.  And we think you’re angels, because you are angels.  Thank you for not going crazy on us.




8 thoughts on “God? Bless the kindergarten teachers…

  1. I made a craft similar to this one with Ally once. It involved cutting toilet paper tubes and glueing strips of construction paper on them, then stringing them together to be a snake. God, what a stupid idea that was. And of course she loved it, and I couldn’t throw the darn thing in the garbage for over a month!
    This looks awesome though, it may have to make my crafting list…

      1. That’d be amazing! I have a feeling (without checking your profile because I’m lazy and on my way to bed) that we live a far distance apart. Maybe we can be blogging bffs. I guess that’d be bbffs. Yes.

      2. I became significantly unlazier today and discovered that (are you ready for a shock) we’re both from Ontario! Yay! There’s very little chance that we live close enough, and it may be the same as if we lived in different countries, but I thought I’d mention it. Yay!

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