While out for a walk yesterday, my 4-year-old Ruby dropped this little pearl on me:

“Mmmm.  Smell that fresh air, mom?  I think the air brushed his teeth today.”

Then this morning she gave me a little more food for thought when she asked me,

RUBY:  Mom, where do bananas come from?

ME:  They grow on trees.

RUBY:  Then the monkey’s pick them, and bring them to a monkey office, then talk on a banana phone and send their bananas to Loblaws?

Yeah.  She’s rad.



7 thoughts on “Rubyisms

  1. So cute! I remember when my little brother was about that age he saw a yellow jacket outside and came running into me all excited. I said you saw a bee- was it a yellow jacket and he announced “No it was wearing a Blue Jacket” I just cracked up. The things kids say. You could write a book!

  2. I almost spit coffee everything when the monkeys brought the bananas to Loblaws. At one point Phil stacked skids for the distributing company for Loblaws (yay summer jobs) so I guess that makes him half monkey. 😀

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