Roasted vegetables go with everything…well almost everything.

There are two thing that are served in this house almost every day.  Search warrants and subpoenas.  I’m kidding.  Strawberries (because it is the only thing that EVERYONE eats) and roasted vegetables.  Now, the latter rarely comes into contact with a plastic plate in this house, but it graces our “grown up” dishware quite frequently.  They go with EVERYTHING!  Except one thing, that we will come to later in this post.

Tonight, Chris had to go into work at 4:30PM, so I was on my own for dinner.  And when I say “on my own” I of course mean “surrounded by screaming, sloppy, little people.”  In these financially challenged times, I always pack Chris a lunch, or dinner, or whatever he’s going to be eating while he’s there so I wanted to hit two birds with one stone.  A roasted vegetable kind of stone.  Yeah, I know that doesn’t make any sense, but I didn’t want you to think I was actually out in the backyard, trying to hit two birds with one stone to cook for dinner.  You barbarian…I can’t believe you thought that.  Anyway…

On this evening in particular, I had a hankering for some brussel sprouts.  So I roasted a bunch with  some olive oil, rosemary, thyme, peppers, carrots, zucchini, onions and a lot of garlic.  Like, enough garlic to ensure that Edward Cullen will not be stopping by for dinner, here or anywhere within a 100 mile radius of this house.  I’m more of a Jacob girl anyway.

Sooo….this is what came out of my oven 20 minutes later.

“Why, Lora,” you’re saying.  “That does look like a healthy and delicious meal!”  And I’m saying, “I ain’t no frickin’ bird.  That is the beginning of my meal.”  So I mixed Chris’s half with some tortellini, parsley and parmesan, then sent him to work with this:

You’re right.  He did make an excellent choice when he snagged me as his wife.  And for myself, I added some greens, feta, almonds, green onions and my good friends pictured here:

…and came out with this:

Delish and nutrish.  I know, it’s still a bit bird-like, but after serious consideration and a thorough weighing of my options, I thought I would have two of these insane blondies I made yesterday (recipe to come) and some ice cream, and go light on dinner.  Life’s about choices people.  And I made mine…deliciously.

So, I got the kids their  strawberries and accompanying items ready for their dinner, got the butts in the chairs and was so excited to dig into this awesome, sophisticated, grown-up salad, that I was literally drooling.  The moment fork pierced the first brussel sprout (that I had been dreaming of  all day long), Ruby THREW UP ON THE TABLE.  I could not believe it.  In fact, I just stared at her for a minute before I snapped out of it and started to clean it up.

Side story: About an hour before dinner she asked me if she could have a popsicle.  I said sure, before I realized that we only had purple left (because I never give them Stainy McStainsalot purple), but I conceded and said okay.  I practically stood over her while she ate it to make sure it didn’t drip onto her shirt (my favourite shirt) and she did a great job.  Then low and behold, an hour later that Stainy McStainsalot purple popsicle rose from the dead with a fury to be unveiled primarily on that shirt.  Figures.

Anyway, by the time I got her all cleaned up, and tucked into a cozy little spot on the couch, my salad was all wilted, like my soul.  But I ate it anyway!  It was still delicious by the way, just wilty.  Find the joy where you can, right?

Thanks for listening…or reading…or whatever.  Peace out.



9 thoughts on “Roasted vegetables go with everything…well almost everything.

  1. Sometimes I cuss in my head when I read your posts. Then I get shy about cussing. But Lady, your shit is good! Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone.

  2. Amazing, like usual. I made mashed carrots for Kira when she was about 9 months old…maybe 7 months…I can never remember this stuff. And she ate them and drank milk and promptly threw up an exorcist’s amount of (what Phil refers to as ‘peaches and cream’) mashed carrots and milk. It was everywhere, and immediately sticky. My first reaction was to stare. Just stare at her. Like, wtf???

    1. Mmm….peaches and cream. I’m not even going to tell you what Emma barfed up the other day. I’ll just give you a hint and say it rhymed with Shredder Sheese. Horrible. We obviously have a bug in the house.

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