Don’t forget to tip your waitress, we’ll be here all week.

Ruby (4-years-old) and Emma (2-years-old) have always had a knack for joke telling.  I don’t know where they got it from…GRANDPA(S)…but they’re actually pretty funny.  Here are a couple that are doing the rounds right now.

This one happened this morning:

RUBY:  Knock knock.

CHRIS:  Who’s there?

RUBY:   A skunk.

CHRIS:   A skunk who?

RUBY:   (farts)

When you think of the time, dedication and sheer genius it took, to realize she had to fart, decide to hold it, then to think of the joke, then to go into the kitchen to tell Chris, then to let the fart out with perfect comedic timing?  Let’s just say, it would take a pretty stacked report card to top the pride I’m feeling right now.

Then we heard this one over the monitor this morning:

RUBY:  What did the daddy mouse say to the baby mouse?

EMMA:  Squeak, squeak?

RUBY:  Uggggh!

And we can’t forget Emma’s standby.  It’s the only joke she tells…over and over and over.

EMMA:  Knock knock.

WHOEVER:  Who’s there?

EMMA:  You, how are you doing today?

And finally…a short I have entitled, “Ham on Film.”

In case you didn’t catch it, the punchline was “grilled cheese.”  OBVIOUSLY.

Feel free to share some of your kids’ comedic pearls with us.  Leave a comment!




5 thoughts on “Don’t forget to tip your waitress, we’ll be here all week.

  1. Ally tells knock knock jokes that end with a noun. Any object that she sees. Knock knock, who’s there?, bowl/chair/curtain/spoon/sweater. And then she laughs like a fiend.
    I think farting is hilarious. Ally will try to run over and fart on me. You may think this is disgusting, but it’s because I’ll run over and fart on her. What goes around comes around I guess, but I’ll do just about anything to make daytime funtime.

  2. Today McDonald’s wound up on the 3 year old’s radar…we can be seven blocks away and the golden arches reach out and grab him. “Can we get some fwies fwom Donald’s?”
    Me: “No, and it’s called MAC-donald’s.”
    Him:”It’s not called McDonald’s, that’s called ‘Donald had a farm.'” It took me a minute to realize he thinks McDonald’s is run by the same dude we sing about in “Old McDonald Had A Farm.” He thinks he grows fwench fwies in his fields when he’s not tending to the piggies and cows and such. 😀 Love your kids’ jokes!! A house of 4 boys…they would take quickly to the fart joke. I’m afraid to get it started…

    1. So cute. In Canada we have a chain of coffee shops called Tim Horton’s. Ruby used to confuse it with McDonalds and called it Old McHorton’s. I guess he grew fwench fwies, coffee beans and crullers on his farm.

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