Our Earth Day Eco-Craft

As I’m sure you all know, Earth Day was last week.  And, as I’m sure you all know, we like to do a lot of crafts in this house.  And, as I’m sure you all know, I am totally trying to pass this craft off as my brilliant Earth Day craft.

The truth of the matter, however, is that I rarely know what day it is, unless it is a day where I am supposed to give or receive gifts.  Every other day is just a counter to the next birthday or major holiday.  Honestly, this craft just happened to be earthy, and took place near Earth Day.  But despite all that, this would make a great Earth Day craft for you and yours next year.  Right?  Ugh.

Okay, I’ll just come clean.  Really, when I called this an eco-craft…the “eco” was just an abbreviation of “eco-uldn’t be easier!” so you may want to give it a go.  Here’s what we made.

Cute right?

Here’s the thing.  Sometimes Ruby gets an idea for a craft.  She’ll talk about it for days.  Like for example, with this one, a few days earlier she wanted to start collecting leaves so that we could make a tree.  Of course, when I’m outside, walking down the street with three kids under four, I rarely pay attention to anything other than traffic.  You see, I would liken taking a stroll with my kids to balancing marbles on an upside down dinner plate…it’s possible, but you better have all five senses honed on that one task or someone’s going over the edge (likely me).  So, the short story is, unless we’re alone or in an enclosed area, I always try to keep her on the beaten path and away from doing things like collecting leaves.

So the other day she starts on me first thing in the morning asking, “Can we make the trees today?  Can we make the trees today?”  So I said okay, forgetting that we never collected the leaves she wanted.

She was heartbroken.  But luckily, nothing mends a broken heart like some cutting and pasting!  So I just cut a bunch of leaves out of some craft paper, put a piece of tape on each one, and she stuck it to a recycled (see, very eco-ish) paper towel roll.  And for the trunk we just glued some brown-ish craft paper around the bottom half.

Then to get them to stand up, I just drew a circle the size of the roll on a square piece of foam, cut a bunch of slits from the centre to the edge of the circle, and taped them to the inside of the roll…like this.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I am hoping to win the Pulitzer Prize for Photography with that shot.

Anyway, here’s Emma’s.  She likes when the leaves also grow out of the bark.

She’s always a blur.  Even in real life.

And in closing, the two, together.  Like a homemade forest.

You know, now that I’m looking at this, there is a lot of paper, tape and styrofoam-ish type stuff going on here.  O.M.G…I unwittingly guided my children to create the ANTI eco-craft!  I am the worst mom ever!

Okay, so let’s just focus on the spirit, and pretend that we all think this was a good idea.  Because I didn’t spend the past half hour writing this post only to delete it.  That would be so wasteful.  Almost as wasteful as the craft itself.  Dear Lord, there is no way out of this one.

Happy Earth Day.  I swear I like you Earth.  Don’t hate me.



8 thoughts on “Our Earth Day Eco-Craft

  1. Pshaw! It still counts. Know why? You RECYCLED those paper tube rolls. Whabam! Eco-friendly. Sometimes other trees have to die to reuse the ones that have already been mashed into people products.
    Seriously, this craft looks great. I’ll file that under ‘neato’ and ‘I-should-try-that-sometime’ and perhaps will get a sudden burst of energy to try that later!

  2. I tried making a craft with Olivia today. I was a bit of a control freak (No shit). Glue is scary when a two year old gets her hands on it. I admire your courage to make crafts with kids. I can’t say we’ll be doing that again any time soon!

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