Now with 50% more talk back!

I was preparing a little surprise snack (marshmallows, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips – a little, surprise, healthy snack) when I heard Ruby from the other room:

RUBY:  Hey mom!  What are you doing?

ME:  Making a surprise.

RUBY:  Is it marshmallows and chocolate chips?

ME:  (Insert flabbergasted face here) Uh no…it’s a surprise.

(I deliver the surprise.)

RUBY:  (To Emma) I told you it was marshmallows and chocolate chips.

ME:  …and butterscotch chips!

RUBY:  Why do you try to surprise us all the time?

ME:  Maybe next time I’ll surprise you with a surprise time-out…how about that?

RUBY:  Well I already know about it so it can’t be a surprise.

ME:  (In my head) How about a surprise trip to the orphanage you little…

Am I the only one who’s 4-year-old has been abducted by attitude aliens during the night, and replaced by a walking, talking bad mood?  She’s been horrible lately with the talk back!  And she’s always “bored” now.  I thought only teenagers got bored.

I mean she’s incredibly sweet and would love to come to your house for a play-date.  Maybe even a sleep-over?  Call me.



12 thoughts on “Now with 50% more talk back!

  1. My mom used to drop me off at the orphanage constantly. It was hard, but I learned my lesson. I never said I’m bored again. But I was just tired of going to the same park day in and day out. I would never get bored of chocolate and marshmallows though. Oh and lastly, great blog title.

  2. Ally gives me attitude all the time now. Sheesh. She’s also less excited by my surprises. It’s really defeating, hahaha, but it’s nice to know that I’m not the onllllllllly oooooooonnnneeee!

  3. This sounds like the conversation we had in the car an hour ago:
    Me: You’re going into time out when we get home for throwing your shoes in Wal-Mart.
    3 year old: No, I’m not going into time out when we get home, YOU’RE going into time out when we get home, mama.
    Me: You threw your sandals out of the buggy, not I.
    Him: No, YOU threw your sandals. You go in time out, mama.
    (No, but I was ABOUT to throw my sandals if he kept it up!) 😀

    Fun surprise!

    1. Ha! Sometimes I want to explain the phrase “biting the hand that feeds” to them, but then I know that would just be too cruel. Even for me…the terrible mom with the predictable surprises. And sooooo boooooring!

      1. You two would sit there eating it and laughing at me. “Can you believe how hard she tries? And she just fails every time. Bahahahaha! Loser!”

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