Bully Phonetics

When threatening a sibling, be sure to dumb-down your grammar a bit.  Gives you more street cred.

RUBY:  Did you?

EMMA:  I didn’t.

RUBY:  You better didn’t.

Oh no she di-int!



10 thoughts on “Bully Phonetics

    1. Once in Walmart, Emma said this all in one breath. “Ruby, get back here, you want a time out? That’s it. One. Two. Three. Time out.” I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone, having an out of body experience, but my body had been replaced by a curly haired two-year-old.

      1. Yepp! Yesterday:
        Kira: Ally, go to your room. Shh. Go to your room. Upstairs.
        Ally: Kira’s being a bad girl, she should go to timeout. Go to timeout Kira. Say your ABCs. SAY YOUR ABCs!

  1. 3 year old from back of car on way from baseball practice, after Mom closed & locked car window due to said child making fart noise too audibly in coach’s direction with window down: “Look You Did, Mama!” (scolding me). Kinda like after the older kids’ piano lesson in an upscale subdivision recently when we had to roll the windows up b/c of the noise level and I found myself barking, “DON’T ACT LIKE A BUNCH OF HOODLUMS, OKAY? WAIT TILL WE GET HOME, ALREADY!!!” Forced to analyze my parenting after that one!

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