Stressed? Me? No! I always have a rash on my face and my hair falls out in clumps.

OMG.  I don’t know WHY I get myself into these situations…but here I am, in another one.

I got a stand at our local farmer’s market to sell my baked goods.   IDIOT!

Not only have I never sold baked goods before…I also have this little thing I like to call THREE KIDS!  What the heck was I thinking?  Anyway, I’m in it now and I just have to deal with it.

So, today we went out and bought everything I need to get started.  Like EVERYTHING…from all the ingredients to a tent to cover us.  And I have to say, in case you hadn’t heard…spending money is fun!

So now, I sit here, pumped full of adrenaline from shopping, with a side of buyer’s remorse and a heaping load of stress on top of it all.  I am actually smiling maniacally, typing away like Jack in The Shining.  And at the same time,  I kind of feel like if someone touched me right now, my skin would burst open and a ninja would pop out and Bruce Lee them to bits.  No, strange street drugs was not on my shopping list…why do you ask?

Anyway, in the coming weeks I’ll be posting lots about the things I make for the market, but there may just be a random picture thrown on with no explanation.  This will be because I’ve gone crazy.  But, hey, if you’re in the area come by!  I don’t bite.  Although, by then…maybe I will.

Signed, only temporarily insane,


P.S. I actually do have a rash on my face and my hair is falling out.  I’m going to the doctor to get it looked at.  Prognosis:  A severe case of biting-off-more-than-one-can-chew.  Prescription: A week off…in Mexico!  Who’s with me?


15 thoughts on “Stressed? Me? No! I always have a rash on my face and my hair falls out in clumps.

  1. Yessssssss! Get the doctor to prescribe a week in Mexico! Then you will have to go because it’s doctor’s orders! NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO DENY YOU THIS. And all your margaritas will be medicinal! WOOOOO!

    1. It would be unfair to science and the rest of the world, if we didn’t take our prescription to Mexico together. For research’s sake, we have to see if our symptoms dissipate at the same speed.

      1. That’s true. We could keep detailed blog posts about it. Compare the number of adult-drinks with rate of rash dissipation and hair regrowth. Interesting. Very interesting…

  2. Wear a hair net. Hair in baked goods is not good for repeat business.

    My hair is falling out too. What the poop?

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