Lora Banks: EntrepreNERD

Oh, hi there.  I’m sorry…you were looking for, Lora?  She’s gone now…and has been replaced by a savvy business woman!

I kid.  I haven’t completely sold out…but my bake stand did!  Yesterday was my first day at the farmer’s market and it went really, really well.

There’s me.  I took a shower and everything.  I’m a serious business lady now.

So I know that usually I take pictures of EVERYTHING (who needs 20 pictures of a salad?  Well…other than me?) but would you believe that I didn’t have time to take one picture of the things I made until the night before I opened my stand for business?  Sheesh…slacker extraordinaire over here.  Anyway, the night before, around 10:00 I took some TERRIBLE pictures, but I wanted to show you (and by “you” I mean my sisters, Christa and Jenny, a.k.a. my awesome satellite support team, a.k.a. the only people who call my “bragging” a “healthy sense of pride”) what I’ve been driving myself INSANE working on this past week.

Update:  Becca, my sister and first “employee” (she accepted a cinnamon bun from the next stand over as payment – I think she may have paid me back too come to think of it…another update: her title has just been changed to “intern”) just came by with some pictures that she took…so there will be good AND terrible photos to follow.

First, I made cake pops.  Or as I call like to call them, tiny-cute-hellish-nightmares-on-a-stick.  What a pain these things are to make!  But at least one batch makes like 50, so it was worth it in the end.  I’m sure it’ll be easier next time, but let’s just say I had a hard time parting with this first batch at $2/pop.  But they were fun and drew a lot of people over to the table, so what can I do but begrudgingly shake hands with my new friend cake pop.

Nice lighting.  See what I mean about the TERRIBLE pictures.  Sorry.

Anyway, I also made some homemade banana flavoured marshmallows and dipped them in chocolate and fun stuff.  They were my favourite, but they didn’t sell as quick as those damn cake pops.

Thanks for the picture, Becca!

While we’re on this “stuff on a stick” roll, I’ll show you some cookies I made.  It’s funny how much more appealing they’re made just by putting a stick in them.

Yeah, I know.  Another framer.  I put a little sign beside them saying, “A sweet treat for your pirate or princess.”  Hopefully the pirate or princess was not of the diabetic variety because they were sweet!  Note to self:  Find a new royal icing recipe.  Like, one that tastes like something other than pure, hardened sugar.

So, next I made some bars, because you can’t have a bake stand without bars.  It’s like a law or something.

Try not to be distracted by the stunning photography.  Anyway, those are Cherry Almond Coconut Oat Bars, Fudge, Mess Makers (a rice crispy bottom, covered in a slab of marshmallow, covered in peanut butter and chocolate) and some OMG Brownies.  The calorie count on that tray could sustain a family of five for one year.  But what a delicious year it would be!

Then I made some cookies, namely, peanut butter butterscotch, chocolate chunk and oatmeal raisin.  Yummers!

They went pretty quick!

Anyway…it was an awesome day.  The weather was PERFECT, I met so many people from my community, and the other vendors were awesome.  Plus, I got to sit outside all day and SPEAK TO ACTUAL ADULTS so it was fantastic.

When all was said and done, I have to say, I did have three favourite customers.

Favourite Customer #1

Miss Ruby Banks, rode down to the market on her brand new bike!  Looking cool as a (pink) cucumber I might add.

Favourite Customer #2

Who needs signage when you’ve got a babe like Emma waiving people in?

Favourite Customer #3

Between the shades and his constant texting, Ben looked like he was my (richer, more intelligent) silent partner in the biz.  Just don’t tell him his smart phone is actually a Dollarama calculator.

The biggest hit of the day were my free balloons.  They were also the only things on my table that were gluten/dairy/nut free.  I swear, the crowd at a farmer’s market is split evenly into four groups:  your average joes, kids, dogs and people with food allergies/intolerances.  So next week I’ll be adding some gluten free selections and dog treats!

Anyway, my first week was a much bigger success than I ever could have anticipated, thanks in large part to my family and friends that came out to support me.  In all seriousness, I didn’t have one jerk or negative person at my booth all day.  Everyone was so awesome.  Thanks to everyone who came, everyone who’s coming back and all the new peeps I meet next weekend!

Feelin’ pretty darn great…


P.S.  What’s your favourite treat to pick up at a farmer’s market?


22 thoughts on “Lora Banks: EntrepreNERD

  1. Way to go Lora! I made Christa call me with an update as soon as she found out how you did. I’m so happy for you. We sell super yummy (and more importantly, super easy) gluten free peanut butter cookies and coconut macaroons. Ask yo sis for the recipes.

    1. Andrea, I think it’s time you know. I am trying to be you. Thanks! I hustled and everything! Your chocolate chip cookies were the quickest to go. Thanks for everything!!

      1. Andrea she kept talking about you! She thought you would be disappointed in her customer wrangling (and that maybe she should have gotten a megaphone).

  2. It was actually a sticky bun. And it was a little bit tough and dry. I will stick to cake pops and banana marshmallows!

    1. That’s what you get for straying from your SISTER’S table! If they don’t make sticky buns this week, I’m making them the following week. Just so you know.

  3. Yay Lora! So proud you! The food looks awesome. Nice presentation too! Tell me the market is still open in August. I’ll take one of each!

  4. I can’t imagine doing that at this time in my life. It all looks delicious. We rock cake pops all the time. They get easier after a few batches. Took me forever to figure out how to keep the cake on the stick when you dip it in the chocolate. :/ Great job!

  5. I had never even considered marshmallows existed outside of the ones you buy at the supermarket. Now I am intrigued…

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