And the award for best baby name generator goes to: The baby!

This morning we were discussing the origins of the kids names (which in our case is…the Internet).  This is how it went down.

RUBY:  When you saw me did you know my name was Ruby?

ME:  Sort of.  When I was pregnant, I saw the name Ruby, and I loved it, and I called Daddy right away and told him and he said “Let’s do it.”  So we named you Ruby.

RUBY:  Did you know Emma’s name before she was borned?

ME:  Actually, when Emma was born, her name was Annabelle for a couple of days before we changed it to Emma.

EMMA:  I not Annabelle.  I Emma.  Or Money.

I should have let her name herself.  Money Banks?  At least we could have a solid rap career to retire on.



9 thoughts on “And the award for best baby name generator goes to: The baby!

  1. LOL! That is hilarious. I wonder how she decided to call herself Money?!?! Money Banks is totally awesome, almost as wonderful as a kid I went to junior high with whose name was Candy Machine.

    Also, I am verrrry curious about the name changing. What happened to Annabelle?

    For our second kid, we were pretty much going with Avigail until one day we weren’t and then we were days away from having a noname baby!

    1. We picked the name before she was born, but once she got here she just wasn’t an Annabelle. It was too sweet. We could see the trouble-making-force was strong with this one, even then.

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