Summer Days: Summer Good, Summer Great!

Finally.  It’s here.  No more snowsuits.  No more hats and mitts.  No more boots.  It’s all bare feet and sunscreen from here on out.

It’s been BEAUTIFUL here lately.  And on one of the many awesome days we’ve been having lately, we broke out the old sprinkler.  It is always a hit.  It’s the great equalizer.  No one, regardless of their age, gender, race, or creed can deny that the splash of a sprinkler on your feet on a super hot day makes you giddy.

My kiddles happen to agree.

Now.  There are a couple of rules that apply to all sprinkler related fun.  I swear, these rules were around when I was a kid, and as a cognitive adult, I see these same things happening in every single sprinkler session.  In no particular order, they are as follows.

Rule #1 – Screaming: Mandatory

Rule #2 – Water Must Migrate

Rule #3 – Locate the Nearest Mud Puddle.  Splash.

Rule #4 – Take Breaks

Rule #5 – Do Weird Dances That Involve Placing Rear End in Water Flow

Rule #6 – Hide the Detonator From the One-Year-Old!!

Okay, that last one doesn’t apply to every sprinkler party, but it was too awesome to pass up.

Anyway, I hope this amazing weather is finding it’s way to your neck of the woods!  Enjoy your sprinkler time while it’s here.  And seriously…don’t let your 1-year-old man a detonator.

Sweatily yours,



12 thoughts on “Summer Days: Summer Good, Summer Great!

  1. Great photo montage, Lora!! Ireland has the same swimsuit as Ruby, but the bottoms won’t stay up! I love the rule about rear ends over water, and I love the photo of Ben at the end!

  2. Great post. The kids are getting so big and cuter every day. I can’t wait to see them!

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