Thank you for reading my MULTI-award-winning blog!

From this point forward I will only answer to “Adele.”  I just got two more awards!  Lookie me!

The first is The Reader Appreciation Award which I received from Coffee Powered Mom (again!) because she rules.

And the other is the Versatile Blogger Award from my humour-hero Lisa at Lisa’s Rant.  Seriously, check it out.  Short, hilarious rants.

Of course, as seems to be the case with most blogging awards, they each come with a set of rules.

So I’ve thanked my nominators (but not because this stupid list told me to!  I’m genuinely grateful!) so that one’s done.  I think I can do the “answer 10 questions” AND the “tell everyone 7 things” rule in one swoop.  I’m efficient like that.

Are you ready for the questions?

Yes. I’m not sure if that was actually one of the questions…but I am.

What is your favourite colour?

Black.  Because that’s what I see right before I finally sleep…and sleep is the new party to me.

What is your favourite animal?

This one:

It’s Nicolas Cage, and it’s a cat. Win!

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Water.  Or the Super-Serum Captain America drinks.  You can get it on special order.

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

I like blending the two.  Then I can pretend that I’m “friends” with “Rainn Wilson.”

What is your favourite pattern?

The sleep-for-eleven-consecutive-hours pattern that Ben performs sometimes.

Do you prefer giving or getting presents?

I prefer getting presents…for my kids!  Haha…you thought I was a selfish, greedy-pants for a minute there!  But getting doesn’t hurt either.

What is your favourite number?

Ten.  Because it is the number of questions I am required to answer to get this award.

What is your favourite flower?

I like gerber daisies.  They just look relentlessly happy.

What is your passion?

Answering questions about myself.  It’s very rewarding.  It’s late…I’m cheeky.

Now, to tell you about 10 other blogs I like?  Well, that’s a lot of blogs.  I write a blog, bake for a living and am raising three toddlers.  Blog reading, while enjoyable, only beats out doing laundry in the priority line, by a hair, and that is only because I loathe laundry.  I do have a few faves, and I’ll mention then now.  Just let me know if my awards have been revoked as a result.

Lisa’s Rant

Coffee Powered Mom

Stuff Kids Write

The Middlest Sister

Cereal With a Fork

Don’t Forget to Feed the Baby

Insert Witticism Here

Southern Sea Muse

Okay, so that’s only eight, but admit it.  At first glance you thought it was ten right?

Alright, thanks for the shouts ladies and I better get to bed before I start typing crazy-speak.



4 thoughts on “Thank you for reading my MULTI-award-winning blog!

  1. Whaaaaaa! Thanks. 😀 I guess you should specify if you are nominating all eight of those bloggers for dual awards. Jussayin’.
    Congrats on winning some well deserved awards! Your answers made me giggle. Okay, not giggle, just smirk, but this is precoffee, so in one cup it would have been a giggle.

    1. Thanks! I just mentioned which awards they got in the comments I left them. In case you couldn’t tell, I was cutting some corners last night. My bad. And to answer your silent question, yes, you can turn that Nicholas Cage cat into a print for your bed spread.

  2. Wow! What? Wow! You need to stop giving me awards, because it’s blowing up my head so much that it’s getting really hard for me to find hats that fit. (I kid, the hats are fine, please don’t stop wanting to give me stuff!) THANK YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

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