The F-Words Monster Stuffie Giveaway!

So every Christmas I make most of my gifts.  Because I have the time?  No.  Because I am cheap?  Partially.  Because I’m completely nuts?  Bingo!  Anyway, this past Christmas I made these little monster stuffies for my kiddles.

The big ones stand about 18-inches tall and they all double as a pillow.  They’re super sturdy and they’re customized for each kid.

Ruby is our resident princess, so hers is the pink one with hearts and bows.

HELP! I have been feminized against my will!

Emma’s is the orange and blue one.  She loves owls (hence the fabric) and clenching things (mostly hair but that’s another post altogether) with her fingers, while touching it with her thumb.  Weird…but that’s why I put those horns on it – for her to hold onto.

Great. I can’t WAIT to have my horns constantly held and crushed. A monster stuffie’s dream come frickin’ true.

Then Ben is a boy (not unfortunately named girl, duh) so his is blue and small.  He was 9-months at the time and well let’s be honest, at 9-months you aren’t exactly a personality showcase so I wasn’t sure how else to customize it.

I am a blank slate. You may recognize me from my aliases, “boring” and “dull.”

Okay so I just reread this and it totally sounds like I’m bragging.  But it’s not just plain old bragging if you have a point, right?  Well here’s the point.

You, my friend, stand a very good chance at becoming the owner of your own, customized doll!

Okay…stop screaming with joy already and I’ll tell you how to enter.

First, my motive:  I’ll just say it.  The point of this contest is to increase the number of people who visit F-Words everyday.  And we ALL know that the only reason anyone wouldn’t have F-Words on their regular viewing list is because they’ve never heard of this blog…right?  (Wrong.)  Well, if you help me spread the word, I’ll help you be the coolest parent on the block when you give your kid a customized doll.

So here’s the dealio.

Contest Rules and Regulations

  1. HOW TO ENTER (Part 1):  To gain an entry, you have to get someone (or lots of people, like I don’t know…your 300 Facebook friends?) to follow my blog.  They can do so by:
    1. Clicking the “Email me your posts, Lora” button in the top right hand section of this blog
    2. “Like”ing F-Words on Facebook
    3. Following @Lora_Banks on Twitter
  2. HOW TO ENTER (Part 2):  They must leave a comment stating that YOU referred them  to F-Words.  They can leave the comment:
    1. At the end of this post
    2. On the F-Words Facebook page
    3. Leaving a comment on my Twitter feed @Lora_Banks
  3. WHO IS ENTERED:  You will both (the new follower and the referrer) get a ballot in the big-ol-bag-o-winners.
  4. GOOD TO KNOW DATES:  We’ll do a random draw on Tuesday, June 26, 2012The last day for entries will be Monday, June 25, 2012 at 11:59PM (ish).
  5. CURRENT FOLLOWERS:  Everyone who already follows F-Words via any one of these three mediums will get an entry into the contest just by leaving a comment stating that you want to be entered.
  6. NEW RECRUITS:  Even if you were referred to F-Words via this contest, once you are a follower, you can refer your friends to increase your chances of winning.  And if you just happened upon this blog via search engine or whatever, you can still enter to win by referring your friends.
  7. HOW LONG UNTIL I CASH IN?:  The winner will be announced right after the draw, and from there I will ask you to email me some details about how you would like to customize your doll.  Your doll will be shipped within 2 weeks of our consultation.

Look at the joy/confusion on these children’s faces!  Imagine, for the small price of inviting your friends to experience the absolute pleasure that is F-Words, this joy AND confusion could be yours!

Thanks and good luck!



55 thoughts on “The F-Words Monster Stuffie Giveaway!

    1. Don’t forget to tell your friends about it, I’ll enter you again every time one of them follows F-Words too! Just make sure they tell me it was you who sent them my way.

    1. You bet it does! What’s you name on Facebook? And remember if you refer your friends I’ll enter you again every time they tell me that you said to come this way.

  1. Hey wait does it count I follow you on twitter and I think one of my friends does now too?!? I won’t be cheap though… And brag about me and my one friend following you… Oh and I here Caillou… So that’s an automatic 15 entries!

    1. Consider yourself entered lady! And if you get anyone new to follow F-Words (since that is the POINT of the contest DaniELLE) tell them to let me know you referred them. I’ll high five you on the Caillou bit though. Little bald asshole.

  2. hi my name is caillou and i think you are really mean because you said i have a bald head and i never weard different clothes and i am a baby even though i am big and i want one of your dolls and my gramma is going to make you give me one and i want a doll that looks like my mommy and daddy is that ok because i want to show all my friends at school who will want to have a doll just like me

      1. If by Christa you mean Caillou, you are correct. I have so much time on my hands because i am four. Am i entered?

  3. Reblogged this on coffeepoweredmom and commented:
    Dearest Followers of Mine:
    Please go to F-Words and become a follower of hers, and then comment and tell her that COFFEEPOWEREDMOM sent you so that I can be entered more into an awesome-tastic giveaway with a monster stuffie as a prize, but then don’t enter yourself so that I have a higher chance of winning. Okay, I guess you can enter if you want to…but the first part is really important.
    F-Words is really really REALLY funny. And clever. And sometimes tasty. So you’re going to want to follow her blog no matter what. No. Matter. What.
    K, thanks.

  4. Lovely monsters! I’d love one of these, but I’d hate to think how much postage would be to the UK. So I’ll settle with coffeepoweredmom having my entry, as she sent me to this lovely blog in the first place 🙂

    1. How noble! I’ll give coffeepowered mom two votes (since the gesture was so sweet) but I’ll give you one too. The postage was taken into account when I came up with the contest so worry not! Thanks!

  5. Better late then never but if I don’t get added to the draw can you please start selling these cute little monsters ’cause Sophie needs one. btw your blog is awesome everyone should read it and i’m not just sayin’ it ’cause I really wanna win.

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