First Pair of Different-Aged Conjoined Siblings Found in Banks’ Residence!

Look out biology enthusiasts.  We’ve got a new phenomenon on our hands.

Ruby and Emma Banks, at 19-months apart, are the world’s first pair of different-aged conjoined siblings.

Siblings Ruby (aged 4) and Emma (aged 2.75) may appear to be just two, normal sisters wearing their mother’s (stretchy-not-huge) pajama pants, but this is simply not the case.

If you were to strip away those forced, cheesy smiles, you might find a scene like the one portrayed in this next chilling photo, to be the more common case.

Desperate to be separate.

That’s right.  The sad truth is, they are dying to get away from one another.  When asked to comment, their mother, Lora Banks (aged 34) said, “Really?  How is the fact that I am 34 relevant?  How do I feel about my conjoined daughters seeking separation?  Fine, but they better not rip my favourite stretchy-not-huge pajama pants.”

The girls have been regularly seeing separation specialist, Dr. Benjamin Banks (aged 1) to come up with a plan for the surgery.  So far, he thinks a clean break through the middle will be the best plan of attack.

Pictured: Dr. Banks examines the siblings for the best point of incision.

When asked to comment, Dr. Banks stated, “If these girls can get me into this pink tutu, then I can certainly get them out of a pair of stretchy-not-huge pajama pants.”

World renowned surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Banks: The very picture of professionalism.

While the girls await their surgery, they find joy in the fact that they will not be so close together forever.  They still find time to play normal pranks on one another and get up to the same trouble that would be expected of any siblings.

This girls play a game of older-sibling-steps-on-the-younger-sibling’s-foot, just like normal sisters.

Not surprisingly, they have been known to use their differences to their advantage as well, when they play games like see-how-far-we-can-lean-away-from-each-other-without-falling-over.

Just out of frame: Mom cringing with each tear of her stretchy-not-huge pajama pants.

As one would imagine, the surgery will be quite costly, and does not fall under the normal parameters of the family’s health insurance.  If you wish to donate to the cause, Lora has set up an email address for donations.  Please send monitary gifts of $100 or more to


F-Words has just received notice that the girls have recently undergone surgery.  They are both recovering well, although Emma still experiences symptoms of Phantom Limb Syndrome from time to time.

Wondering: Where’d you go Ruby?

Dr. Benjamin Banks continues to visit the girls regularly, and Ruby has finally been able to pursue her dream of becoming a swashbuckler.

Dr. Benjamin Banks: Still rocking the tutu.

For more information on conjoined twins, please visit the internet.

Lora Banks

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17 thoughts on “First Pair of Different-Aged Conjoined Siblings Found in Banks’ Residence!

  1. Lora, I think I am falling in love with your family, including extended members (via comments). Just thought you should know. Also, another brilliant post!

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