Long Distance REALationships

I love my siblings.  I really do.  I know, I know.  A lot of people really love their siblings, but in my family it’s different.  They’re all so incredibly supportive of EVERYTHING I so much as THINK of doing, they’re all amazingly thoughtful, and they’re all hilarious.  I just love the crap out of them.

So, for a while there, I was the only parent among my siblings, until my sister Jenny was blessed with her little Olivia.  Just over two years ago I became an auntie to this kid.

I know what you’re thinking and you’re right.  She’s the sweetest.  But you’re not 100% right, because she is actually tied for sweetest with my second niece, her sister, Emily.

Right?  Obviously, I was meant to be an aunt if my nieces turn out this good.  You’re WELCOME Jenny and Kevin.  Sheesh, parents.  They’re always trying to take all the credit.  Anyway…

A couple of weeks ago, Jenny came to visit from New Brunswick with her two little sweet peas.  You heard me…New Brunswick.  As in New-as-east-as-you-can-get-without-falling-in-the-Atlantic-Brunswick.  Move closer already!  Anyway, it was wonderful to see them, and I’m sure that the hassle of going on a car-plane-car ride to and from New Brunswick with a two-year-old and a newborn was worth it if only for this photo.

Cousins UNITE!

Ben…always stealing the show.  It’s his payback for always being overrun by girls.  Also, since “Oh-yuh” is talking now (that’s what she calls herself) I was called “Auntie Lora” for the first time ever.  It was phenomenal!

So unfortunately their visit came to an end, and we were settling back into our normal routine of boringness, when this happened yesterday:

A plane flies overhead.

RUBY:  Mom?  When can we go on a plane and visit Jenny and Olivia and baby Emily?

ME:  (Regrettably) Not for a long time.

RUBY:  Why?

ME:  It costs a lot of money and we need to use our money for other things right now.

RUBY:  How much money?  Like a hundred?

ME:  Like a thousand.

RUBY:  Wow.  That’s a lot of groceries.

Wow.  That’s a lot of groceries.  I love kids.

Dreaming of niece-hugs,


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11 thoughts on “Long Distance REALationships

  1. Your nieces are adorable! You can really tell who’s side of the family has the stronger genes though…my side does that too. All of the little ones look massively alike as toddlers.
    At least she understand that a thousand is a lot of groceries. Ally would be all “But you have money. Just buy the plane ride.” Annnnnd then I’d have to lock her in the cupboard for a while.

    Oh, PS, (nosey) Emily and Emma? Is there a family member you’re all naming them after?

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