And the weiner is…

This morning I punched all of my entries into a random list generator to find out who won the F-Words Monster Stuffie Giveaway, and hit the “randomize” button.  So much easier than my first idea which was to cut little ballots, then write people’s name on them, then put them in a box then can you tell I’m delaying announcing the winner to increase anticipation?  Is it working?  It must be really annoying.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that no one is even reading this part.  In fact, I’m so certain that no one is reading this part that I will make a confession.  Once, when I was about 12-years-old, I snuck (is that the past tense of sneak?) and ate an entire row of rice crispy squares while my mom was at the beach, then when she came home and asked me about it I didn’t own up to it.  For years.  It’s still a joke in our family.  Well here it is mom.  I did it.


Okay, back to the contest.

The winner of the F-Words Monster Stuffie Giveaway is…


Congratulations my friend!  I’ll send you an email later today to collect your details.

I should also mention that the scales were tipped in her favour.  Through the power of her hilarious blog, she referred 5 people to come follow F-Words, so she had 6 entries in the contest.   Thanks lady!  Other honourable mentions in the F-Words promoting were, Sara Benjamin, Cathy Farley and Danielle Blagdon who sent some new people my way too.  Thanks so much gals.

Also, due to the unexpected interest in the dolls, I may start selling them.  Let me know if you’re into that.

Thanks everyone for all the support!  You’re awesome!



13 thoughts on “And the weiner is…

  1. I did read the part about the rice crispy squares, and I would definitely buy a couple monsters from you! I will never be as good as you at home made things, so I will support you by buying them from you and telling my kids they are “home made”. …….that is open to their interpretation as to who’s home they were made in 🙂

  2. Etsy is great for all things home made! You should open a shop!! But either way, I would totally buy some monsters from you (the ones you make don’t talk! Unlike the monsters I currently reside with….)

  3. “I want”, “I want”, “i want”, now if you could only see the little hands making the “I want” motion at the computer. Let me know when I can buy one before Sophie has a melt down. lol

  4. :O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve never won anything before! Well, maybe I have, but never over the internet before, and certainly never anything this awesome! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!

  5. Reblogged this on coffeepoweredmom and commented:
    What are the chances?! I am so freaking excited. I’d like to thank Lora at F-Words for this awesome giveaway, and for totally not cheating and stuffing the ballot box so I won *winkwink*.
    I’d also like to thank: notimeforironing, sillyliss, jeandayfriday and grandmalin for taking time to visit F-Words, realize her awesomeness is fact, follow her, and then comment to let her know that *I* deserved extra ballots. You guys are the bomb! You’ve made my night. ❤

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