And the weiner is…

This morning I punched all of my entries into a random list generator to find out who won the F-Words Monster Stuffie Giveaway, and hit the “randomize” button.  So much easier than my first idea which was to cut little ballots, then write people’s name on them, then put them in a box then can you tell I’m delaying announcing the winner to increase anticipation?  Is it working?  It must be really annoying.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that no one is even reading this part.  In fact, I’m so certain that no one is reading this part that I will make a confession.  Once, when I was about 12-years-old, I snuck (is that the past tense of sneak?) and ate an entire row of rice crispy squares while my mom was at the beach, then when she came home and asked me about it I didn’t own up to it.  For years.  It’s still a joke in our family.  Well here it is mom.  I did it.


Okay, back to the contest.

The winner of the F-Words Monster Stuffie Giveaway is…


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Last Chance to Enter the Monster Stuffie Giveaway Contest

Tonight, at the stroke of twelve, not ONLY does our van turn back into a pumpkin (which should decrease our insurance payment significantly), but the F-Words Monster Stuffie Ballot Box will be sealed FOREVER!  Or at least until tomorrow morning when I do the draw.

So if you want to get your name in you can:

  1. Tell me you want your name in the ballot box (if you haven’t already)
  2. Refer some friends, and have them tell me it was you who sent them.

For details check out the original post here.

Win our brother or sister and take him/her home with you. We’ll get over it…with years of therapy. Good luck.

Good luck everyone!


The F-Words Monster Stuffie Giveaway!

So every Christmas I make most of my gifts.  Because I have the time?  No.  Because I am cheap?  Partially.  Because I’m completely nuts?  Bingo!  Anyway, this past Christmas I made these little monster stuffies for my kiddles.

The big ones stand about 18-inches tall and they all double as a pillow.  They’re super sturdy and they’re customized for each kid.

Ruby is our resident princess, so hers is the pink one with hearts and bows.

HELP! I have been feminized against my will!

Emma’s is the orange and blue one.  She loves owls (hence the fabric) and clenching things (mostly hair but that’s another post altogether) with her fingers, while touching it with her thumb.  Weird…but that’s why I put those horns on it – for her to hold onto.

Great. I can’t WAIT to have my horns constantly held and crushed. A monster stuffie’s dream come frickin’ true.

Then Ben is a boy (not unfortunately named girl, duh) so his is blue and small.  He was 9-months at the time and well let’s be honest, at 9-months you aren’t exactly a personality showcase so I wasn’t sure how else to customize it.

I am a blank slate. You may recognize me from my aliases, “boring” and “dull.”

Okay so I just reread this and it totally sounds like I’m bragging.  But it’s not just plain old bragging if you have a point, right?  Well here’s the point.

You, my friend, stand a very good chance at becoming the owner of your own, customized doll!

Okay…stop screaming with joy already and I’ll tell you how to enter.

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