Favourite F-Words

Looking for some really deep stuff?  Well, I’m sorry but you’re looking on the wrong blog.  But here are a few fun posts to check out!

Monster Stuffies  – I make dolls.  Buy one…or else.  Kidding!  Or am I?

An Open Letter to the Flu  – I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a love letter.

Child Slavery Runs Rampant at Banks Residence – I’m a real slave driver.  Just ask Ruby.

Happy Alienate Single People’s Day! – An ode to Valentines Day.

First Pair of Different-Aged Conjoined Twins Found in Banks’ Residence – A miracle of modern pajama pants.

God? Bless the Kindergarten Teachers – Teachers RULE!!

My Beef With the Bald Kid – A look at my favourite children’s show, Caillou.

PMS: A Survival Guide…for Dudes – A few suggestions for our estrogen-challenged friends, if you will.

Sandbox Life Lessons – The first lesson?  Maybe you don’t have to be a sarcastic asshole ALL the time.


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